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Making a Murderer to release new episodes this year

However, we’re still not sure exactly when…

Published: Monday, 30th January 2017 at 9:36 am

Fans of Netflix crime documentary Making a Murderer will be pleased to learn that we won’t have to wait TOO long for a follow-up, with the ongoing story of Steven Avery’s suspicious murder conviction set to continue being chronicled in new episodes later this year.


However, the exact start date is still unknown – because apparently the on-demand service would rather not rush filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi.

“The story is still ongoing, so you will see new episodes coming sometime this year as this story continues to unfold,” Netflix's VP of original content, Cindy Holland, told USA Today. “We don’t know when for sure new episodes will be coming."

"Laura and Moira are [in Manitowoc County] shooting regularly and working on what the right story is to tell in the next set, so we’re deferring to them on when it will be ready,” she went on.

“Very few people inside of Netflix actually know the details of what we’re getting because we’re wanting to keep it really under wraps and it is an ongoing case so we’re trying to be sensitive to that.”

The crucial words there are "this year" – that's the most concrete timeframe we've been given yet. And considering it took Demos and Ricciardi a decade of work to create the first series, it’s good to know that we won’t have to wait quite that long again – even if there is a little uncertainty involved.


Making a Murderer will return to Netflix later this year


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