Louis Theroux records mock doc voiceover for parody Twitter account

A parody Louis Theroux Twitter account put words into his mouth, so the documentary filmmaker decided to record them for real


Louis Theroux is a man of his word. The documentary filmmaker has followed through on a promise to record the mock-serious tweets of a Louis Theroux parody account – and the result is a work of genius.


To recap: a twitter account recently appeared to poke fun at that special brand of Louis Theroux voiceovers. You know, when he announces he’s off to meet his latest meth addict or Nazi or alien hunter or whatever? And it’s pretty impossible to read them in anyone else’s voice…

But instead of being offended, Louis was delighted. In fact, he even selected his own favourite message to record as a real voiceover.


Hannah the former IT expert turned cybergoth who believes Hull is the Portal to Hell? Coming soon on a new series of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends…