Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency Channel 4 – everything you need to know

A new documentary series is looking at one of society's most pressing issues

Josh and Steph Langley - CAMHS Crisis Nurse

A new series explores the cases of NHS staff in Nottinghamshire dealing with mental health emergencies.


Mental health problems are a growing issue in the UK right now, particularly among teenagers and young adults as the most recent episode shows.

Here’s everything you need to know about Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency…

What is Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency about?

In the final episode of the docuseries, viewers will get to meet psychiatric nurse Linda and police officer Rich, who run rapid response team Street Triage in Nottinghamshire. Their job is to intervene in suicide attempts. They find that a lot of the people they help are desperate for a bed in a psychiatric ward, but few are available, meaning they often have to be relocated miles away from their families.

Is there a review of Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency?

Radio Times critic Jane Rackham had this to say about the latest episode of the hard-hitting documentary:

Over the past ten years the number of mental health-related calls to Nottinghamshire police has risen by 70 per cent. But psychiatric resources haven’t increased, so now only the most serious cases can be hospitalised.

Linda and Rich of the emergency Street Triage team do their best to help, but although Rich believes that there’s a feeling that “if you go into hospital, you’ll get fixed”, a shortage of beds means that hospital can be hundreds of miles away from your family. The emotional conversation between 21-year-old Cerise, who’s been in secure units for years, and her mum – who is a three-hour drive away – is heartbreaking.


When is Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency on TV?

The final episode of Losing It: Our Mental Health Emergency airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday 11th February at 10pm.