Lance Reddick reveals “scary” concepts explored in new Book of Secrets

John Wick actor hosts the Sky History series which details complex conspiracy theories.

Lance Reddick (Book of Secrets)

You’ll know him best from appearances in Lost, Fringe and the John Wick film series, but now actor Lance Reddick is taking on a very different role – as host of Sky HISTORY’s Book of Secrets.


The docu-series – a revamped version of the 2012-14 show – explores conspiracy theories including government-run mind control schemes and a secret US space program.

“I never really imagined myself doing something like this,” Reddick admitted to “But then when it came up, it just seemed kind of… I mean, not to sound hokey about it, but it just seemed kind of cool! And to do something that was so… not to be snobby about it, but was so much more historically-based than other kinds of shows… I was really interested in doing that.”

Book of Secrets’ executive producer David Comtois added that the series seeks to question “how things are really run” and how that “can affect our lives”. He explained: “Are there people behind-the-scenes making decisions? Are we getting the complete information that allows us to live our daily lives in a in an informed way? What kind of agendas are really happening around the world between nations, [and] between people? And then what’s our future too?

“I mean, you have private entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos going into space… where’s that going to take us? I think people want to know their place in not only the world, but in the universe. I think that that’s a large part of the appeal [of the show] is: who are we and where are we going? What does it all mean? And who’s behind it?”

Book of Secrets originally aired three seasons from 2012 to 2014, with the series going on to earn a cult following on Netflix. The new version hosted by Reddick will revisit “a couple” of topics tackled in the earlier iteration of the series, Comtois confirmed, as well as exploring new phenomena such as the impact of social media. “There’s one episode we did about mind control, where we get into a lot of the social media aspects of our current culture. There’s a lot of new developments, new technologies, new secret technologies that are being developed… those are some of the things that we get a chance to explore in this new iteration of the show.”

Describing himself as being “open minded”, host Reddick admitted that some of the revelations featured in Book of Secrets were “kind of scary” to him. “I mean, things like aliens? I mean, I don’t know, I don’t know,” he said. “But I feel like mind control is something that those who rule have always been students of, as long as there’s been human civilization. Just with the advent of advertising, and now with social media, you see how we can shift the behaviour of huge numbers of people. It’s kind of scary. So yeah, I believe that stuff.”

Book Of Secrets With Lance Reddick is part of SUMMER OF SECRETS on Sky HISTORY, airing every Tuesday from 24th August at 9pm.


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