Joanna Lumley was ambushed while filming in Haiti

Lumley was filming for her new documentary series Joanna Lumley's Hidden Caribbean: Havana to Haiti when the incident took place

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Joanna Lumley has told of a terrifying ambush that she experienced while filming her new documentary series, Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Caribbean: Havana to Haiti.


The Absolutely Fabulous star said that her car was stopped by a group of bandits during a riot in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince.

Speaking in the most recent issue of Radio Times, Lumley said that, while she and her crew were driving in the mountains, “Suddenly there was a blockage across the road: they’d put branches down.

“Luckily we had two big bodyguards who got out and said ‘Come on guys, clear this away’.” she said. “And they went, ‘No, we want your money or your life’.”

She added, “Sometimes they dig trenches, pour oil in and set fire to it, then they come with guns and take your wallets.”

In this case, thankfully, the situation was de-escalated and Lumley and her crew were able to pass without further incident.

And although the situation sounds pretty terrifying, Lumley said that she was not overly shaken by it.

“I’m not really an afraid kind of person,” she said. “If you look timid, people and animals pick it up very fast.”

The two-part series, which starts next week on ITV, sees Lumley hit tourist spots across the Caribbean in a hot pink vintage car – including attending preparations for the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution in Fidel Castro’s hometown, Santiago de Cuba.


The full interview is available in the current issue of Radio Times, which can be purchased in stores now