Gordon Ramsay to tackle cocaine in new documentary

Gordon on Cocaine is coming to ITV this autumn


Gordon Ramsay is taking on cocaine in a new documentary for ITV. In the two part series Gordon on Cocaine, the celebrity chef will expose how Britain’s rampant habit – we are the biggest consumer in Europe – fuels a cruel and deadly industry.


As part of the series, Ramsay will watch the drug being “cooked” in South and Central America, meet assassins and smugglers, and join UK police trying to combat the problem. The show is part of ITV’s ‘Crime and Punishment’ season, scheduled for this autumn and also featuring documentaries fronted by Ross Kemp, Trevor McDonald and others.

Ramsay explained that cocaine is rife in the restaurant business, and the documentary had a personal inspiration.


“I’ve wanted to understand the ‘world’ of cocaine ever since I lost one of my chefs at my flagship restaurant in Chelsea and I wanted to learn why it’s becoming such an epidemic not just globally but specifically in the culinary world,” he explained. “I dare anyone to watch this series and not think again about taking cocaine.”