EastEnders’ Pat Butcher smoked weed with nuns on Gone To Pot and the internet couldn’t handle it

Pam St Clement shocked viewers as she got into the, er, habit...

Pam St Clement Gone To Pot Reaction

The last time we saw Pam St Clement’s Pat Butcher on EastEnders she was appearing in the middle of poor Peggy Mitchell’s final hallucinations but many viewers thought they were having a rather different kind of hallucinogenic dream when they witnessed her smoking marijuana in ITV’s Gone to Pot.


St Clement, who suffers from a medical condition which could allegedly be improved through the use of medicinal marijuana, was spotted smoking weed with nuns on TV last night. The new series sees the actress – and several other well-known faces – travel through the USA investigating the benefits and drawbacks of legal recreational and medicinal marijuana.

Viewers couldn’t quite believe their eyes as the actress lit up.

And when she joined a few nuns the internet imploded.

Many considered it one of the greatest TV moments of 2017.

While others were quite simply baffled.

This all seemed a tad too familiar…

But it wasn’t exactly the wildest thing to happen to a Butcher, either…


You do you, Pam. You do you.