DIY SOS host Nick Knowles lands new wellbeing ob doc

The presenter spends 28 days at a fasting, vegan, yoga, Reiki and healing retreat and the results are said to be both "hilarious" and "medically astounding"


DIY SOS host Nick Knowles is to front a new BBC2 observational documentary that sees him check into a fasting, vegan, yoga, Reiki and healing retreat. 


He’ll spend 28 days there, alongside fellow DIY SOS-ers builder Julian and electrician Billy, in the hope that he can change his life for the better. 

Apparently the results are both “hilarious” and “medically astounding”. Knowles is said to have lost 9 Kilos in 24 days (it’s not clear what happened on the other four days…), while a fellow attendee – an 18 stone Type 2 diabetic London taxi driver – is no longer diabetic after 7 days. The programme helps Billy come to terms with the loss of his daughter twenty years on, with Knowles admitting he’s significantly altered his own life as a result. 

“This truly has changed my life – I’m less stressed, lighter, fitter, and low in cholesterol like a good spread. I part own two vegan restaurants and still practice yoga whilst having a healthy fear of fundaLentilists (people who bully people into being vegan). Watch this series – it could save your life!”

“The show’s concept was to take a team of 9 people, led by Nick Knowles, and follow them as they participate in a 28 day ‘complete wellbeing’ programme,” explained The Retreat’s creator David Barrett. “Having done my own retreat and being amazed at the changes to my health and wellbeing, I thought it would be fascinating and interesting to take a group of individuals who had never considered alternative therapies before and see how they cope in that same environment. What unfolded was amazing to watch, with some astounding results that exceeded my expectations.”


The Retreat will air from Monday 26th – 30th September at 7pm on BBC2