Davina McCall thought a lion was going to eat her during filming on new show

Camping doesn't get tougher than this


Davina McCall’s new ITV show Life at the Extreme is very much living up to its name.


During filming on the series – which sees McCall experience everything from the hottest, coldest, deepest and wettest places on earth – the star was convinced she was going to be attacked and eaten by a lion.

McCall was camping for the first time in her life in the Namibian bush. The presenter, and ranger Henco Bantjes, had built themselves a ‘boma’ – a protective circle of thorn bushes – but when a lion came along, she really thought her time was up.


“We’re alive, which is great news…” McCall explained the following morning. “I went to sleep at 10pm, I was out for the count, and I woke up at about midnight and I could hear Henco going, ‘Hey, hey, hey,’ and he went, ‘It’s a lion,’ and it was really close to the camp… I thought it was going to come with its entire family through the back route and eat us all. I’ve never been so awake in my entire life. I was so alert, I suddenly went bionic.”

Here is said lion, caught on thermal cam:


And McCall’s unsurprisingly terrified reaction:


Davina McCall: Life at the Extreme, starts Monday, 9pm, ITV