Danny Dyer’s Who Do You Think You Are? edited down to 90 seconds is pure cockney genius

This episode is the gift that keeps on giving


Danny Dyer’s Who Do You Think You Are is already being hailed as the best episode ever – not least because it reveals him as a “direct descendant of royalty” and a relative of Thomas Cromwell – but because it is one hour of inadvertent diamond geezer comedy brilliance.


And now, would you Adam and Eve it, someone by the name of Wil Jones has squished all of the EastEnders star’s one-liners into one 90-second clip of heaven.

Highlights include… Dyer kissing a stranger on the forehead after a selfie. Dyer asking “Am I French? How French am I?” Dyer telling the camera, “Let’s go and have a bit of bunny with the lord”.


Watch it here, then see Jones’s extensive collection of previous Danny Dyer documentaries edited down into brilliant bite-sized chunks.