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Countryfile’s Ellie Harrison on fanmail: "people always seem to comment on how a woman looks"

The nature presenter is fed up with the focus on her appearance

Published: Monday, 16th October 2017 at 9:00 pm

She may be one of the nation’s most knowledgeable nature presenters but there’s only one thing people who send fan mail to Ellie Harrison want to know about and it’s not the countryside.


“’Where do you get your boots from?’, that’s all I ever seem to get” she reveals in an interview in this week’s Radio Times. “And people always seem to comment on how a woman looks.”

It seems as though she’s not the only one being asked about her fashion sense, though.

“I get that too” says Chris Packham. “I refuse to answer those because I consider them trite.” Packham says he’s on the receiving end of quite a lot of questions about animals, with their toilet habits proving one of the most popular.

“I’m also sent a lot of pictures of animal poo, asking which animal it belongs to,” he explains. “I don’t mind, I do seem to talk a lot about poo.”

"I was pleased to get correspondence applauding me for pronouncing a lot of Welsh place names correctly", Harrison adds. "The Llyn Peninsula, Aberdaron, I was quite pleased with that."


Read the full interview with Ellie Harrison and Chris Packham in the new issue of Radio Times, in shops and on the Apple Newsstand from Tuesday October 17th


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