Complete strangers to get Married at First Sight in new Channel 4 reality series

Couples will say "I do" without ever having met one another, in what the channel is calling "a groundbreaking social experiment"

Six people will say “I do” to complete strangers in a new Channel 4 reality series, Married at First Sight.


Like an in-depth dating website, the series will match three couples on the basis of scientific and sociological criteria before bringing them together to get married in front of friends and family without ever having met before.

Billed as a “ground-breaking social experiment”, Married at First Sight aims to discover whether science can produce a successful relationship and whether the very act of marriage can itself help to create a psychological bond that leads to true love.

Chosen from an initial pool of over 200 applicants, six single people each seeking long-term love will be matched by a panel of experts from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, theology and social/evolutionary anthropology before entering into a legally-binding marriage. 

Cameras will follow the couples for the first six weeks of their relationship as they each share their daily lives with a stranger. At the end of the filming period they will be asked to decide whether they wish to stay together as husband and wife.

Married at First Sight is based on a Danish format which has been sold to countries around the world.