Britain’s legal high ban to be explored in new BBC documentary

On the night before the government bans legal highs, the film will follow those who sell, take and deal the substances


A new BBC3 documentary will follow Britain’s drug culture and how the government’s new ban on legal highs will affect those who take and sell those particular substances.


The Last Days of Legal Highs will look at two Head Shops in Portsmouth that sell and deal legal drugs from Spice to Gogaine.

The original April 6th ban on these drugs has been pushed back, but the documentary will assess how making these drugs illegal will affect those in the industry.

Dr Z — the well known creator of some of these substances — also features in the film as he strives to find a way to chemically and legally keep the Head Shops open.

Alongside this film on legal highs, BBC3 are also looking at addiction in documentary Chasing Dad, which will tell the story of a son confronting his heroin addict father. After years of estrangement, Phillip Wood visits his seriously ill dad to try and understand what’s happened to him since they were separated.


The Last Days of Legal Highs will be available from 5th April and Chasing Dad will be online in Spring 2016.