Ben Fogle is back with another enlightening travel documentary and it comes to Channel 5 this week.


Following in the footsteps of his popular docuseries, Ben Fogle & The Lost City, the TV presenter returns to our screens for an exploration of the Caribbean Island of Montserrat.

He discovers how the tiny island was left to cope after the volcanic eruptions in the 1990s and meets those who have remained.

Now, we have our first look at the enlightening documentary, with an exclusive clip shared to In it, Ben meets Rose Willock, an educator, broadcaster, journalist and cultural activist (among many other roles) who is known as ‘The Voice of Montserrat’.

Rose broadcast on the radio throughout the eruptions and became the voice of calm, but her radio show was actually the only way of letting the community know what was happening. She is still working today and was recognised on the Queen’s Honours Lists in 1986 and later with an MBE and an OBE.

In the clip, she tells Ben: "I became a refugee on my own island. Fortunately, I had friends in the northern part of the island, who allowed us to stay in one of their homes."

In terms of personal belongings that she took with her when she had to leave her home, Rose admits in the clip that she only took mementos that she'd collected on her worldly travels and her certification of education.

She goes on to tell Ben about the reasons why so many people of Montserrat had to leave their homes when the opportunities arose, highlighting the fact that she had to continue to pay the loans and rent from the banks.

"I really love my island, you know," she tells Ben. "We're happy people, we look after each other but we're very independent."

Watch the clip below.

Rose still runs a weekly Saturday morning show from Montserrat’s ZJB radio station and within Montserrat, is widely beloved for the role she played during the volcanic crisis, spreading information from the Government and scientists to the entire population of Montserrat.

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Rose is just one of the people that Ben meets on his travels to the British Overseas Territory island. As per the synopsis for the series: "Ben explores the Caribbean island of Montserrat's capital, Plymouth, which is now a volcanic, ash-covered ghost town after a series of volcanic eruptions in the 1990s.

"He meets people who remained and refused to be driven from their beloved island, rebuilding and creating new lives in the north, as well as a man who has returned to live in the shadow of the volcano and carve out an existence within the exclusion zone."

Ben Fogle and the Buried City airs Tuesday 23rd May at 9pm on Channel 5. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide or Streaming Guide, visit our Entertainment hub for the latest news.


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