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These days, it only takes a few clicks to conjure a wealth of video-on-demand services at your fingertips. But one you may not have discovered yet is UKTV Play, the home of Dave, Drama and Yesterday channels. This on-demand streaming service is free of both charge and contracts, and allows you to enjoy unlimited hours of all the latest episodes on catch-up, plus a huge range of box sets, wherever and whenever you want. All you need to do is download the app, and you’ll be ready to start watching.


UKTV Play is great for find something familiar and easy to watch – meaning you won’t have to spend hours searching. With an extensive collection of box sets, as well as the option to watch on catch up, you can enjoy fan-favourites like Judge John Deed and Waking the Dead on Drama, brilliant comedies such as Hypothetical and Meet the Richardsons from Dave, and the much-loved car restoration series Bangers and Cash from the Yesterday channel. Indeed, with UKTV Play, it’s never been easier to watch your most-loved series on your TV, mobile or online.

Ready to start streaming? Read on to discover just some of the highlights available right now.

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You have 48 hours to find Nicholas Cage and take a selfie with him – how do you do it? This is just one of the absurd hypothetical questions that hosts Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster pose to their guests on this hilarious game show. Over three rounds, each team (made up of comedians like Ed Gamble and Matt Forde) must think fast as they’re faced with a barrage of entirely ridiculous theoretical situations, to which they must formulate a logical plan. At the end of each episode, the team with the most believable answers wins.

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Meet the Richardsons  

Enjoy a glimpse into the everyday lives of married stand-up comedians Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont, who play exaggerated versions of themselves in this fictional comedy series. Set in their hometown of Hebden Bridge, each episode sees the real-life couple navigate seemingly ordinary events – from yoga lessons and work meetings to nights out and birthday parties – none of which ever go to plan. Throughout the series, they’re joined by their celebrity friends, including Jonathan Ross and Jason Donovan.

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Expedition with Steve Backshall: Unpacked

This is never-before-seen footage from the original series. Steve Backshall travels to some of the earths most beautiful – and dangerous – regions, in search of magnificent wildlife and breathtaking views. Naturally, these expeditions are anything but easy, and this new series offers you a real glimpse into the harsh realities encountered along the way.

You get to see all the threats and challenges Backshall faces, plus discover the team behind the camera, so you’ll feel like you’re being taken on your own adrenaline-fuelled adventure into uncharted territory.

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Waking the Dead

When the final episode of Waking the Dead aired in 2011, many fans of the show felt it went before its time. So, if you want to see why, now’s your chance. The crime drama centres around a fictional London-based cold case unit where Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd (Trevor Eve), psychological profiler Dr Grace Foley (Sue Johnston) and Detective Inspector Spencer Jordan (Wil Johnson) use new technology to re-examine old evidence, in the hopes of closing unsolved cases, all while grappling with some of society’s most topical issues, from organised crime to fanaticised religion.

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Judge John Deed

Martin Shaw stars as Mr Justice Deed in this legal drama, a high court judge who’s determined to bring justice to every case that’s brought before him. All too often, he finds his best efforts are hampered by those of a less liberal disposition, including his ex-wife and barrister Georgina Channing (Caroline Langshire). Despite the commonly held assumption that he is hopelessly naïve, Mr Justice Deed is a smart man who works hard to inspire a better, fairer world, while pursuing a complicated romance with barrister Jo Mills (Jenny Seagrove), a widow with two teenage sons.

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Bangers and Cash

This documentary series follows the Matthewsons, a family of classic car auctioneers who are on the hunt for rare vehicles to resell. Each vehicle – and customer – has a unique story to tell, and the team won’t rest until they successfully pair the right person with the right set of wheels. Featuring an impressive range of automobiles, including a 1980s Ford Sierra Cosworth and a collection of vintage tractors, every episode follows the resell journey as it unfolds, from that first phone call all the way through to finalising the sale.

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Abandoned Engineering    

In this documentary series, presenter Tom Ward explores some of the world’s most curious instances of abandoned engineering, such as the redundant Barcroft Space Observatory in California. Each episode investigates a different structure, asking why it was built and how it failed, plus examining the financial, social and environmental costs of its failure. Special guests including engineer Rob Bell and historian Dominic Selwood advise on how we can repurpose these ruins, by transforming them into art or de-constructing them for useful parts.

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The Architecture the Railways Built

Discover some of Europe’s most beautiful buildings – all surrounding train tracks – from the ornate St Pancras, to Mount Snowdon’s peaceful summit station. Transport historian and architecture enthusiast Tim Dunn offers an insightful commentary on their design and construction, providing a vivid historical context for each site. As he delves into their origins, you’ll be taken on a journey from the past to the modern day and will be left wondering what the future of our transport architecture might look like.

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