Comedian and children's writer David Walliams has been hit with accusations of racism after dressing as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for Halloween.


Walliams wore the costume, which included make-up and prosthetics around his eyes, to Jonathan Ross's annual celebrity Halloween party.

But many Twitter users were unimpressed with his attempt to portray himself as Asian.

"Brilliant, you went as racism," wrote @tim2040.

"The scariest part of this costume is how you find it acceptable to continue to dress up as other races for 'comedy'," tweeted @ANGUSRAZE.

"Wow. This is unacceptable and racist," said @stephcockburn.

Meanwhile, others posted a string of memes sharing the same sentiment.

Other users pointed out that Walliams's costume is not the first time he has made himself up as a character of another race, including with comedy partner Matt Lucas in Come Fly With Me, and in their other BBC series Little Britain.

"We’re surprised that the man who did comedy sketches in black face has done this," wrote @inanitysgirl. "It’s racist, everyone needs to stop being so defensive."

However, some Twitter users found Walliams's costume funny and felt claims of racism were overblown.

"I can’t tell you how funny you look David brilliant costume," wrote @Newt_cromo.

"Don’t get why people are saying that’s racist? ... he’s dressing up like a political figure. that person happens to be Asian!?" posted @MaxwellBateman5.


"If you think that is racist, you need to read the definition," said @sempersursum.