Why has Stephen Fry left Twitter?

Yesterday the actor announced that he was temporarily retiring from the social network because it was "unsafe" for him to tweet

Stephen Fry has had a tumultuous relationship with Twitter. With 7.8 million followers, the actor was one of the first celebrities to champion the social network and last year was voted 11th most influential tweeter.


Yet his controversial comments have also caused huge rows in the Twittersphere, and he famously nearly quit in 2009, announcing, “Think I may have to give up on Twitter. Too much aggression and unkindness around.”

Now, the actor and prolific tweeter has actually gone through with it – but for very different reasons.

In a message last night, Fry told his 7.8 million followers that he’d be “closing down on Twitter while filming. In a place whence I’ve been advised it is safest not to tweet. See you December. Here goes…”

Fry’s cryptic tweet sparked speculation from followers about what he might be up to. Some suggested he might be filming Star Wars, but this seems unlikely as filming finished yesterday. Others suggested he might be making a documentary in a politically sensitive country.


Another responded: “You’re either filming in Parliament or a football club dressing room then. Good luck, see you in December”.