On 16 June last year the ebullient Labour MP for Batley and Spen, Jo Cox, jumped out of a car to make her way to a constituency surgery at a local library. A member of her staff, Sandra Major, watched as a man approached: “He just shot Jo in the head. Just like that.”

This harrowing, poignant documentary makes clear the shocking level of violence used against Cox by her murderer, Nazi-obsessed loner Thomas Mair, who shot her twice more and stabbed her 13 times as she lay stricken on the ground. It’s still not known how he got the gun.

There are contributions from the police involved in the capture of Mair, whose movements were tracked on multiple CCTV cameras before and after the killing.

But it’s also a warm and generous tribute to a much-loved woman, from her family and her friends.

What time is Jo Cox: Death of an MP on TV?

It will be broadcast Tuesday 13th June 2017.