What is covfefe? The best jokes about Donald Trump’s bizarre Twitter post

Celebrities, journalists and members of the public have been puzzling out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’


What is covfefe? That’s the question on the internet’s lips (or, you know, typing fingers) today after US President Donald Trump accidentally tweeted the word late last night.


Was he just typing “coverage” before he got distracted, then forgot to fix it? Is it a secret signal known only to the White House’s inner circle? A hip brand of java beans?  Or is it a viral campaign for an exciting new product we’ll all be buzzing about in weeks to come??

OK, it’s definitely that first one – but that didn’t stop people coming up with hilarious alternate suggestions on Twitter, with the likes of JK Rowling, Countdown’s Susie Dent and the Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks suggesting solutions that ranged from spot-on movie references and near-the-knuckle gags to completely surreal suggestions.

No, we’re not sure how you pronounce it either.


Still, despite the grand mystery around covfefe one thing IS certain – like nothing else these days, it’s truly brought us all together in a way that few thought President Trump was capable of. Credit where credit’s due.