Victoria Derbyshire explains hilarious BBC News delay after missing her cue

Victoria Derbyshire suffered a highly relatable miniature nightmare while presenting the news this morning.

Victoria Derbyshire

BBC News’ Victoria Derbyshire was missing from the beginning of the broadcast this morning (12th August) as she struggled to make it into shot in time for the headlines.


The presenter was glimpsed bent over at the back of the studio as the camera panned to where she would usually be found on her mark – this time, an empty space.

Derbyshire could be heard whispering, “Oh my god,” to herself and, after a few seconds, hurried into view.

“Sorry about that delay,” she apologised, before proceeding with the broadcast as normal, introducing the headlines about today’s GCSE results.

Responding to the amused reactions to her awkward mishap on Twitter, she explained that she’d had difficulty getting her shoes on in time.

“Oh god, I couldn’t get my high heels on,” she tweeted, alongside a picture of said towering stilettos.

Broadcaster Samira Ahmed shared in Derbyshire’s pain, replying: “I can personally testify that the phenomenon (and associated hazards) of female presenters putting on very high heeled ‘TV shoes’ just to ‘walk’ a handful of steps around the studio floor is a real thing. VERY nice shoes, btw, Victoria.”

“An icon,” Drag Race UK’s Divina De Campo tweeted. “Gave me a right good chuckle.”

Meanwhile, one Twitter user praised Derbyshire’s composure, saying her calmness when she went to camera was “quite special”.

“True professional though, carried on!” another pointed out, while a third joked: “Me trying to rush and answer the door to the postman when he’s woken me up.”


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