US airport uses Nick Clegg on its maintenance signs

The former Lib Dem's leader's made it big in Vegas


Sit down, put your feet up and enjoy this glorious piece of Friday news: Nick Clegg – former leader of the Lib Dems, Deputy Prime Minister and man of the “apology song” fame – has appeared on US airport maintenance signs.


And we can’t work out what’s the best thing about it. That the MP has found himself on an American stock image database? The fact he’s been shrunk down so small? Or the way that the coffee-holding woman is completely ignoring him?

Sadly Clegg himself hasn’t yet tweeted about the image, but the Lib Dem press office has…

However, there’s still time for Clegg to match Ed Miliband’s response to his sneezing stock image gaffe. Earlier this year, the former Labour leader’s picture was used in an NBC news report about flu vaccinations.

After the incident Miliband tweeted this corker…


So come on Nick, at least give us a tweet saying how US relations are soon to take off or the like. We’re waiting…