Toddlers take over the ITV afternoon news

Broadcaster Alastair Stewart was joined by a very cute co-host

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A toddler upstaged newsreader Alastair Stewart during the ITV afternoon news yesterday, by clambering all over his desk.


The broadcaster was discussing the testing of babies for milk allergies with mother Lucy Ronka, who was accompanied by her two very cute children Alice and George. While George was a little more sedate, choosing to sit and sheepishly nod to Stewart’s questions, Alice went rogue. The segment culminated with Alice, who had managed to sit herself on top of the desk, high-fiving the newsreader. Watch the clip below.


It wasn’t the first time that toddlers breathed life into a dry news pieces this year. In March, the children of political scientist Robert Kelly – and their exasperated mother – became viral stars after interrupting his video chat with BBC News. The video has over 24 million plays on Youtube.