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The police help Fiona Bruce race across London to present BBC's News at Six

A technical glitch forced a last-minute change of location for the News at Six – but the police were on hand to get Fiona Bruce to Westminster just in time

Fiona Bruce
Published: Thursday, 11th October 2018 at 11:09 am

Fiona Bruce flagged down a police car as she raced across London to a back-up studio for the News at Six after technical problems caused chaos at the BBC's New Broadcasting House.


The news anchor and BBC editor Mark Easton made a mad dash from Oxford Street to Westminster just in time to go live for the nightly news, abandoning their taxi to cut through the rush hour traffic and make it to the studio with the help of "Policeman Josh."

After a day of technical troubles which forced the BBC News channel to air old footage for close to an hour, the team decided to broadcast the News at Six from their Millbank Studio.

But they soon ran into rush hour traffic, which was brought to a near-standstill by a major demonstration at Parliament by women affected by changes to the state pension age.

The situation became increasingly nerve-wracking...

But former Crimewatch presenter Fiona Bruce managed to find a friendly policeman.

Some were pretty miffed that Fiona Bruce gets a police escort when she's running late to work:

While others were cheering her on...


And as Hugh Bonneville noticed, there was something very W1A about the whole situation.

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