The Deceived viewers react as a “needful” conclusion is delivered in the finale of Channel 5 thriller

The Channel 5 finale delivered a comeuppance that seemed to satisfy most viewers.

the deceived

Channel 5’s modern Gothic thriller The Deceived concluded on Thursday with the villainous character getting their just desserts, but viewers were still wildly divided about the merits of the series.


*The following contains spoilers about episode four, the conclusion of The Deceived*

In Thursday’s finale, Dr Michael Callaghan (Emmett J Scanlan) was killed by a blow to the head with a brick, and subsequent fall, delivered by his fragile wife, Roisin (Catherine Walker), the supposed victim of the fire in episode one, after she was convinced by Ophelia (Emily Reid) not to sacrifice her future for the twisted, self-serving husband who had been gaslighting her for years.

Viewers loved his fall from grace… and through the floorboards. It was the comeuppance everyone had been demanding.

And then the cover-up began, as Roisin, mother-in-law Mary and Ophelia began to explain to police how he’d died.

One viewer felt the explanation was all a bit Scooby Doo, “just in case no-one’s fully got it all”.

Right to the end The Deceived divided the watching audience. This fan was “gripped for 4 nights”.

Another commented that, on social media at least, she was “in the minority” in enjoying the series.

Not everyone loved the conclusion. In fact, one viewer felt like he was “one of the deceived”.

Earlier, as the tension and hysteria mounted, some viewers became increasingly confused. “Does anybody know what’s happening?” asked one.

Another felt short-changed by the motivation for the chilling events. “If this is all just about them stealing novels I will riot.”

Michael came in for some well-judged character bashing. “Why are these women besotted by this guy?” asked this viewer.

In particular, his infinite capacity to gaslight, or implant fake memories, was a massive wind-up for The Deceived audience.

People seemed to agree that Ophelia should take some hard-earned life lessons forward after the harrowing events.

The finale of The Deceived concluded with a blissful Roisin sipping tea in Morocco as if on holiday, until she heard her name called. She turned to be greeted by the brother of the student, Annabelle, who she accidentally killed.

This viewer summarised what everyone was thinking about the twist.


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