Sky News team broadcast live as they’re detained in China

Sky Asia correspondent Mark Stone was detained while filming in Beijing's Tiananmen Square – but continued to broadcast from a police van

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A Sky News team led by Asia correspondent Mark Stone has been detained while filming a report in China.


The team were approached by Chinese police as Stone recorded in the capital’s Tiananmen Square, apparently attracting the police’s attention after mentioning the infamous 1989 student protests.

Although such police interventions are not unheard of whilst reporting in China, the fact that the team managed to continue broadcasting live to the UK during the incident made for a fascinating and unique sequence of live television.

After being led into a police van, Stone continued to report using mobile technology as he was driven through the streets of the capital. A Chinese official sat in the back of the van filming the crew’s activities, but no attempts were made to stop the broadcast – the Chinese officials apparently not aware that Stone was broadcasting live.

The extraordinary broadcast continued this morning after Stone and his team arrived at a police facility within the Forbidden City. After negotiating with a police official in English – still live on TV – Stone finally ended the broadcast after an official insisted the camera was switched off.


It is understood Stone and Sky News had permission to film in Tiananmen Square.