Reporter responds to being caught not wearing trousers on live broadcast

Reporter Will Reeve appeared on Good Morning America in what appeared to be his pants

Will Reeve (1)

Adjusting to lockdown life has been a challenging task for most of us, but those who can work from home would probably agree that doing so in your pyjamas is one of the few perks of this global crisis.


Except for when you must appear on live TV, perhaps.

It seems reporter Will Reeve, who also happens to be late Superman actor Christopher Reeve’s son, would agree. On Tuesday, Reeve went on Good Morning America for a segment on using drones to deliver prescriptions to patients.

He tuned in via video link from his home, where he appeared to be wearing a suit. But his wide camera angle revealed he wasn’t wearing trousers underneath.

Reeve has gone viral and become a meme since, with many taking to social media to comment on the incident.

Reeve himself has since released a statement on Twitter addressing his appearance. It read: “Trying to be efficient I got ready for a post-GMA workout a little too soon this morning.

“The camera angle, along with friends, family and several hundred strangers on the social media made me rethink my morning routine.

“Any sartorial tips from these people who are wearing a belt, trousers and shoes during their work video calls at home are most welcome. Now, back to work. Wearing pants.”


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