Prince George got to stay up past his bedtime to meet President Obama

Naturally, he wore his pyjamas and a monogrammed dressing gown for the occasion...


He might only be two years old, but Prince George is already pretty comfortable meeting world leaders. So much so that he’s doing it in his pyjamas.


The royal toddler, who is third in line for the throne, was allowed to stay up past his bedtime last night to meet President Obama and first lady Michelle. And instead of dressing up for the occasion, George opted for a casual look, greeting the President of the United States of America in slippers and a monogrammed bathrobe.

He then snuck in a bit of a play on his rocking horse, because we all know you’ve got to make the most of it when you’re allowed to stay up late…


President Obama is visiting the UK to offer gratitude for Britain’s “stalwart partnership” during his term in office. His trip also coincides with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations.