Newsnight trolls The Sun over BBC “sleeping on the job” accusations

"Not a soul in BBC Broadcasting House is awake. Ever," Emily Maitlis told Newsnight viewers

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“Tonight we can exclusively reveal it’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Newsnight host Emily Maitlis as she admitted The Sun’s “HERE IS THE SNOOZE” scoop was 100% correct.


“Not a soul in BBC Broadcasting House is awake. Ever,” she continued. “BBC output is quite literally dreamed up by producers in their sleep.”

The TV presenter and newsreader was poking fun at yesterday’s front page of The Sun, which “exposed” BBC staff for “sleeping on the job”. It’s not even silly season, we checked.

As Maitlis rounded off the show, she added: “Needless to say, the Newsnight team is already hard at work conjuring up another fine programme which we will bring you tomorrow with Kirsty. Goodnight.”

The show faded out to a montage of Newsnight staff catching 40 winks at their desk as a gentle lullaby played in the background.


And in the end credits, Newsnight was also renamed “night night” as a final nod to the whole bizarre incident. Now, can we finally put this whole argument to bed?