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Viewers have fallen in love with a 'Marie Kondo' mouse caught tidying up on camera

The house-proud mouse puts things away in a pensioner's shed every night

Published: Wednesday, 20th March 2019 at 12:35 pm

Were you convinced as a kid that there was a 'tidying-up fairy', ready to clear away the day's mess?


For one pensioner, it looked as if magic really did exist after he kept finding his shed miraculously tidy each morning, so he set up a hidden nighttime camera — only to stumble across a scene straight out of Disney's Cinderella.

A helpful mouse was captured tidying away items left out on a work bench, picking up nuts and bolts in its mouth before storing them in a box.

Viewers of the footage, posted by ITV News, were quite reasonably fascinated by the mouse's Marie Kondo-style approach, with many expressing their hopes that any small animals living in their own homes would "take a lesson".

"It's a mouse Marie Kondo," Anna Mazzola posted on Twitter.

And the official Twitter account for the classic children's series Bagpuss also tweeted the video, accompanied by the lyrics to the Bagpuss Mice's tidying up song.


We wonder if this mouse can sing...


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