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Mo Gilligan says after BAFTA TV Awards 2020 win – "There's so much work to do on getting people like myself on TV"

The comedian won a BAFTA for Entertainment Performance on The Lateish Show.

Mo Gilligan
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Published: Friday, 31st July 2020 at 8:04 pm

Comedian Mo Gilligan has said that his 2020 BAFTA win "gives hope" to so many people who "look like [him]", but that there is still "so much more to do" in terms of BAME representation on TV.


The Lateish Show presenter, who received the Best Entertainment Performance award for his work on the show at tonight's ceremony, said in his acceptance speech that his win will inspire others from a similar background to him.

"Just on a personal note, this award means so much to me, even the names that I'm with it's like blew my mind away to be here," he said.

"And it also gives hope to so many people who sound like me, look like me and are from the same background as me, so yeah man."

Speaking after his win, the comedian expanded in his acceptance speech, adding: "I guess within TV, I think we all know there's so much more to do."

"I think what I was saying was very self-explanatory. There's so much work to do on getting people like myself on TV, people from different backgrounds, people that sound like me and not feel like you're on TV and you have to change the way you speak."

He continued: "Hopefully there's someone watching and they're like, 'You know what, bruv. Mo – that's the guy who lives down my road. I know Mo, I've got a friend called Mo, I am a Mo and I can do it,' and I think that's what it was about."

"But there's still so much work to do and I think we all collectively know that within this industry."

The 32-year-old began hosting the first series of the Channel 4 talk show in July 2019 and he's interviewed the likes of Katherine Ryan, Harry Redknapp, Tyson Fury and Steve Coogan over the course of six episodes.


He rose to prominence in the comedy world after being spotted by Canadian rapper Drake and went on to co-host The Big Narstie Show with rapper Big Narstie.

The Virgin Media BAFTA TV Awards screened on Friday, 31st July on BBC One. Watch them now on BBC iPlayer.
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