Michelle Obama to appear on The Ellen Show in first interview since leaving the White House

Forget Piers and Trump, this is the interview we want to hear


Michelle Obama will speak to Ellen DeGeneres in her first interview since leaving the White House.


On Thursday 1st February, the former First Lady will appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to help celebrate the host’s 60th birthday.

Somehow, we don’t think they’re going to be short of topics to talk about…

Michelle’s final interview during her husband Barack’s term in office went to Oprah Winfrey, where she stated that she wasn’t interested in running herself (something Oprah herself has now also said).

But maybe – hopefully! – she might have changed her mind since then?


Michelle will appear during the first of two special birthday shows for Ellen who is featuring people who are “paying it forward” and took part in her recent campaign #OneMillionActsOfGood.