Jeremy Corbyn finally reacts to Theresa May’s field of wheat confession

Spoiler: He is not impressed.


Jeremy Corbyn may have kept quiet when Theresa May declared the “naughtiest” thing she had ever done was run through a field of wheat, but three weeks later the Labour leader has finally shared his thoughts on this great matter of the day.


And while some may have mocked May for such a not-very-naughty “naughty” confession, Corbyn insists it is no laughing matter.

Speaking at Glastonbury Festival, Corbyn told NME that running through fields of wheat was “terrible” behaviour.

“I’m far too responsible a citizen to run through a wheat field,” he said, explaining why he had not leaped out of his car on the way to Worthy Farm in Somerset to indulge in a bit of wheat-field-running.

“I grew up in the countryside, in Wiltshire, and then later in Shropshire, and I was taught from a very, very early age you walk round the edge of a cropped field. You don’t walk through fields of wheat because it’ll damage the wheat.

“I’m totally shocked that anybody would run through a wheat field and damage wheat. It’s a terrible thing to do.”