David Dimbleby says he won’t host the BBC’s next general election night

The BBC broadcaster has hosted every general election night since 1979

David Dimbleby

David Dimbleby has said he will not make a comeback as the BBC’s election night host – even if Theresa May’s government collapses and a snap election is called.


The veteran political broadcaster has hosted every general election night for the BBC since 1979. Although he had been expected to step down after the 2015 general election in favour of News at Ten host Huw Edwards, he made an unexpected return for both the EU referendum and the 2017 general election.

The Guardian recently reported that Dimbleby is lined up to present the BBC’s coverage of any election night in 2019.

But speaking backstage at the National Television Awards after receiving his Special Recognition Award, Dimbleby said he had hosted his “fair share” of elections.

Asked about the BBC’s coverage plans in place for a possible general election, Dimbleby told RadioTimes.com: “I’m sure they’re always planning for an election. I mean, they’re probably planning for a second referendum, they’re probably planning for Brexit on March 29th. They plan all the time.

“What part I’ll be playing, I don’t know. I haven’t talked to them.”

But he revealed his intention to step down, saying: “I won’t be hosting the general election – I’ve done ten and I think I’ve had my stint.


“I’ve had my fair share of elections.”

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