Could Jeremy Corbyn eating a Pringle be the turning point in the election?

People were impressed by the Labour leader's snacking style


Theresa May just can’t win. Not long ago, she ate an entire cone of chips at the seaside, and still not everyone considers her to be a relatable human.


But when her political rival Jeremy Corbyn – whose Labour party has been steadily sneaking up on the Tories in the polls – eats a single Pringle, he is lauded as a hero on social media, and seems to have convinced many of his ‘man of the people’ status in the process.

Here’s what happened: as the Labour leader was greeting supporters after the BBC election debate on Wednesday evening, he was offered a Pringle. He took one and ate it. Don’t believe me? There’s evidence.

Social media went wild.

This tweet went viral on the night of the debate. Could it have influenced the Pringle moment? Is JC that plugged in?


Maybe it should come as no surprise – politics has, after all, always relied on sound bites…