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BBC News staff hit back at Sun story about 'sleeping on the job'

Newsroom workers have challenged the newspaper's claims they are snoozing on the news

Published: Thursday, 16th November 2017 at 11:41 am

The staff at BBC News HQ have criticised today’s front page story from The Sun that claims that BBC newsroom journalists are sleeping on the job.


The Sun story, under the headline ‘Here is the Snooze’, quotes an unnamed source that night-shift workers regularly dosed on the job and that in a 12-hour shift some do only “around an hour of work.”

However, BBC journalists that are working or have worked in the night time newsroom said the claims were untrue.

Others said select staff did sometimes nap, but that this was during their break time...

Others thought it was a parody story…

And some said The Sun was in no position to criticise…

And then there was this zinger from the BBC Press Office...


Looks like this isn't an issue that's going to be put to bed anytime soon...


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