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Ariana Grande set to become honorary citizen of Manchester after her One Love concert

Manchester's city council wants to recognise the American pop star's outstanding contribution after the terror attack

Published: Wednesday, 14th June 2017 at 8:15 am

Ariana Grande could become an honorary citizen of Manchester after her One Love fundraising concert, a display of support and defiance which impressed the city, and the world, in the aftermath of last month's shocking terror attack.


The US singer is first in line to be recognised under the Manchester council's new plans to honour outstanding contributions to the city, according to the BBC.


Grande's performance at Manchester Arena was hit by a bomb blast on 22nd May. The attack has so far claimed the lives of 22 people.

In response, the pop star quickly organised a fundraising concert featuring everyone from Liam Gallagher to Katy Perry, Coldplay to the Black Eyed Peas. She also visited injured fans in hospital and spoke to relatives of the victims.

Council leader Sir Richard Leese said many people would already consider Grande to be "an honorary Mancunian".

"This seems a fitting moment to update the way we recognise those who make noteworthy contributions to the life and success of our city", he said.


"We've all had cause to be incredibly proud of Manchester and the resilient and compassionate way in which the city, and all those associated with it, have responded to the terrible events of 22nd May – with love and courage rather than hatred and fear."

Grande had "exemplified this response", he said.

Around 50,000 people attended the One Love Manchester concert at Old Trafford on 4th June, which was broadcast worldwide and became the most watched TV event of 2017 so far. The concert raised around £3 million for victims of the attack.


The new citizenship initiative will go before the council on 12th July.


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