The Andrew Neil Show axed as BBC News announces cuts

The corporation is hoping to offer Neil a new interview show on BBC One.

andrew neil

The Andrew Neil show has been axed by the BBC as part of significant cuts across the coprporation’s news output.


The programme, which has been off air since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic will not return to air but the BBC is hoping to offer Neil a new interview show on BBC One.

A BBC statement said, “The Andrew Neil Show will not be returning but we’re in discussions about a new interview series on BBC One.”

The show, which aired on Wednesday evenings on BBC Two, had only been running since the autumn of 2019, covering the run-up to the December general election including interviews with each of the major party leaders bar Boris Johnson.

Earlier this month, Neil had told Radio Times that he feared his show would be cut, adding that he was concerned he might be made “surplus to requirements” in the event of cutbacks,  but claiming that there had been a lack of clarity due to the situation.

Neil has not yet made a statement about the cancellation, but he has retweeted a number of messages about the news, including one from Labour MP Wes Streeting which read, “The cancellation of @afneil‘s show is great news for those in power wishing to avoid scrutiny and a shame for everyone else.”

The cuts will see a total of 520 jobs lost across BBC News, including 450 which had previously announced in January but had been on hold due to the pandemic, the broadcaster said.

Some of the other changes brought about by the cuts will see the end of the BBC Radio 4 show In Business, along with the closure of World Update and The World This Week on the BBC World Service.

Meanwhile Politics Live – which has previously been fronted by Neil – will return on four days a week rather than the usual five, with the show having been off air completely during the pandemic.


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