Coronation Street: Peter to kill Billy in Christmas clifftop drama?!

Is the Corrie vicar about to pay for Susan's death?


Peter Barlow will exact terrible revenge on Billy Mayhew this Christmas when he discovers that the Coronation Street vicar is responsible for the death of his sister Susan.


When Billy’s conscience gets the better of him, he blurts out the truth about inadvertently bringing about Susan’s untimely demise.

Peter’s response is to then bundle Billy into the boot of his car and drive him to the edge of a cliff edge on some waste ground.


Billy is left fearing for his own future when Peter opens the boot and shows him that he’s mere inches away from a sheer drop.

An increasingly erratic Peter then tells his captive that he’s going to let the car roll backwards off the cliff, commenting to Billy that at least his death will be quicker than it was for Susan.


Later on, an hysterical Peter will be seen confessing to Ken that he’s killed Billy, while Adam is stunned by the bombshell news about how his mum died.

Ken then takes matters into his own hands and tells his family to pretend to know nothing about Billy’s ‘accident’.

But will they really choose to keep quiet? Especially when – by Boxing Day – Billy has gone into arrest at hospital after being rushed to hospital?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Coronation Street below


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