Yes, nerds are sexy – but the heroes of Silicon Valley will never find love

Creator Mike Judge says that he's not about to give his "underdogs" a decent love life as the hit HBO show heads to season four


The final episode of the third series of HBO comedy Silicon Valley airs on Sky Atlantic next week, with our nerdy hero Richard Hendricks closing in on success with his compression algorithm.


But its creators don’t believe that Richard will ever find love despite his character’s on/off affair with office assistant Monica (Amanda Crew).

“The thing about these guys is they’re underdogs, you know, and that’s how it started out and to me that’s the most fun thing to watch,” writer Mike Judge told

“If they just live happily ever after it’s kind of over. I think they could be successful and still have huge problems, but I don’t know. “

Star Thomas Middleditch also doesn’t expect his character to find any passion with a ladyfriend.

“I would say, knowing Mike and [co-executive producer] Alex [Berg] they’re not really hellbent on exploring the sentimental relationships. It was a bit alluded to; maybe that would’ve been a side storyline at the end of season one when he and Monica had a sort of look.

“Here’s a spoiler, I’ve been talking to these guys about what they’ve planned for season 4,” he jokes. “Episode 1 scene 1 starts off with  Game of Thrones style, unflinching sex scene between Richard and Monica. It is intense.”

Yep. Sure thing.

A fourth series has been given the green light and Judge, the creator of animated legends Beavis and Butt-Head, told that he’s imagining two and possibly three more series of the show, which follows a group of young men trying to make their fortune in California’s tech hub.

“We just kind of take it one season at a time and that alone is hard enough,” Judge said. “To think about how long it would go, I don’t ever go there in my mind. But I think these shows, these series when they’re successful, tend to go five or six seasons I guess.”

Judge said he is yet to put pen to paper for series four but both he and Middleditch feel confident that whatever happens, the joke will continue to be firmly on the real tech entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley.

“When you meet them in real life, the moguls that I’ve met have absolutely no qualms with telling you how intelligent they are, how much success they’ve had,” said Middleditch. “It seems like it comes from an efficiency point of view. Like, why would I waste time sugarcoating it? It just comes across as, ‘Wow, you’re a straight-up d***head’.”

However, Judge thinks the show does reflect the fact that, these days, it’s OK to be a nerd.

“I have daughters who are 24 and 22 and when they were in high school, I noticed a different attitude toward nerds than there was when I was in high school. Females toward male nerds are now a little more respectful. You also see this thing in LA about really good-looking people, male and female, talking about what a big nerd they are,” he said.


The finale of Silicon Valley airs Thursday 14th July at 10.10pm on Sky Atlantic