Women are in charge in Father Ted writer’s new Channel 4 comedy about the House of Commons

Exclusive: Arthur Mathews has been asked to make a TV version of his radio comedy Men About the House set in a parallel matriarchal society

Imagine if British politics was totally female-dominated.


Toast of London and former Father Ted co-writer Arthur Mathews did just that in his BBC radio comedy Men About the House, centred around a House of Commons populated almost entirely by women, with a Prime Minister called Eve Feevis and a host of politicians with names like Hilary Crench and Sue Brush.

Now, Channel 4 has commissioned a new script with a view to turning the radio show – which starred Morgana Robinson and Ingrid Oliver – into a TV series.

“It’s the House of Commons with just, like, mad people in it – they’re MPs, but they’re just very irresponsible, like children,” Mathews told RadioTimes.com.

“It’s based on a radio thing I did a couple of years ago. They’re mostly women as well, but the main thing is it’s just very surreal, they’re like a bunch of teenagers.” 


How very different from the real thing…