What’s your favourite sitcom of the 21st Century?

It's time to nail your funny bones to the mast...


There are endless 21st Century sitcoms to choose from – well, in this case there are 40 – but which one is the best?


From the awkward brilliance of Peep Show in the miserable depths of Croydon to the disheveled Dylan Moran in the absurd Black Books, it goes without saying that British sitcoms specialise in self-deprecation.

Excruciating, almost painful humour is also rife in modern sitcoms, whether it’s the outrageous Catastrophe, Ricky Gervais’ classic The Office, or Coogan and Brydon’s The Trip.


Look back on the shows that make you laugh and let us know which one had you wiping the tears from your eyes, holding your aching sides or even letting out a little bit of wee. (Because that’s what a true sitcom character would do.)

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