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What’s in store for Mark, Jez and Super Hans in the last ever series of Peep Show?

Mark's got a new flatmate, a new job and plans to take revenge on Jez, while Super Hans is... clean logo
Published: Friday, 30th October 2015 at 9:28 am

It’s been more than three years since we last visited Croydon’s finest flatmates Jeremy (Robert Webb) and Mark (David Mitchell).


Jez was last seen declaring his love to Mark’s girlfriend Dobby in a field, prompting the pair to get into a fight before Dobby fled to New York.

The last ever (ninth) series of Peep Show starts on 11th November with the action taking place six months after the incident in the field.

So what does fate have in store next for Mark, Jez and co? We dug up some inside info...

Are Mark and Jez going to live together again?

No. At least not at first. According to Channel 4 “Jez has some rather constrictive new living quarters” in the first episode of the new series, and “Mark has a new flatmate and has landed a bank job”. We’re betting that Jez has found a billet with Hans. And it’s probably pretty grim. And this picture rather suggests that Mark's new flatmate is being played by Tim Key. Jez doesn't look happy about it, does he?

...though Mark seems rather content with his new life...

Have they got (new?) girlfriends?

Are you kidding!? According to Channel 4, “the wounds of mutual love for Dobby have not yet healed” and she is not appearing in the first episode of the new series. So Mark is probably single. And knowing Jez, yes, we reckon he probably is too (although he may well be sexually active, quite possibly in some depraved way or other). However a visit to the set confirmed that Dobby WILL be returning at some point so things could change...

What's Super Hans up to?

Well, Hans has got something celebrate. Episode one will feature a party – a “clean” celebration it seems. The druggie has turned his back on booze, weed, coke, acid, crack etc etc it seems, and his character is described as “healthy”, which is just weird. Here is the great man.

Will Hans's health kick last?

Not likely. “Despite his best efforts, a good detox can only last so long,” say C4. Phew.

Will Sophie be in it?

Yes, Olivia Colman was pictured in tweets sent out by the cast on her last day of filming. Everybody was apparently rather emotional saying goodbye.

Anything else?

The opening episode promises appearances from Paterson Joseph’s Johnson who has secured Mark his job in the bank. Key's character Jerry works at the same place and is reputedly very annoying. He's also our bet for Mark's new flatmate (see above). C4 also assures us that Jez sees Mark’s new job as a chance to secure a loan, but that this will also offer Mark a chance to get his revenge for field-gate.

Some things never change. Which for Peep Show fans can only be a good thing…


The final series of Peep Show starts on Wednesday 11th November at 10pm on Channel 4


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