What time is Keeping Up Appearances on TV tonight?

Here's what you need to know about the prequel to Roy Clarke's class comedy classic


Ever wondered how Hyacinth Bucket (that’s pronounced bouquet, you know) became the woman she did portrayed by Patricia Routledge in Roy Clarke’s classic class comedy Keeping Up Appearances? Well, you need wonder no longer as the BBC have found an excuse (a landmark sitcom season) to make a prequel.


This episode, Young Hyacinth, is penned by the original scribe Clarke, and is set in the 1950s long before Hyacinth is living the suburban dream with her long suffering husband.  The lead character (played by Kerry Howard, best known to many for her role in BBC3 comedy Him & Her) is extremely keen to drag her daddy and her two sisters into an altogether better social class… but whether she can manage that (and will they make more of this show if audiences like it) remains to be seen.

The show also features Debra Stephenson as Dulcie, Tony Gardner as Claude, Mark Addy as Daddy, Katherine Pearce as Daisy, Rose Katie Redford, Thomas Pickles as Eric, Tamla Kari as Violet, Tim Downie as Freddy and James Wrighton as William.


Keeping Up Appearances is on BBC1 at 9.30pm on Friday 2nd September