Watch out Internet trolls, Dom Joly’s coming to get you…

Comedian and writer says he is in talks with a major broadcaster about a documentary in which he will physically confront internet "trolls"

He has spent a large chunk of his professional life pranking the public and attracting his fair share of opprobrium on social media.


But Dom Joly could be about to turn the tables: he is hoping to make a programme unmasking internet trolls.

The comedian has told that the proposed show – thought to be for Channel 4 – will turn the tables on those who use social media like Twitter and Facebook to troll people they don’t know, often with abusive or cruel messages.

“It is a very interesting phenomenon, the way people act very differently behind a computer screen. This show would confront them – we would knock on their doors.”

Joly, who has more than 165,000 Twitter followers, has had his own fair share of run-ins with so-called “trolls”.

Two years ago he called the police after a Twitter account was set up by an internet ‘troll’ abusing his two son and daughter.

Joly, who lives in lives in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, warned the account holder, who set up @deathtojolykids that he faced criminal action.

Joly has also revealed that he nearly managed to hook Prime Minister David Cameron in a prank at the Cornbury Festival last summer – before he was manhandled away by his security detail.