Watch 5 minutes of The Simpsons-Family Guy special crossover episode

Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin strike up a beautiful friendship... until beer gets in the way

“This seems like a one-shot deal,” warns Brian in the extended trailer for The Simpsons-Family Guy crossover episode. Well then, we better savour the collision of the Simpson and Griffin families while it lasts.


The five-minute promo for the upcoming episode, helpfully titled “The Simpsons Guy”, features Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin bonding over a shared love of doughnuts, before falling out spectacularly over their choice of beer.

The battle over Duff Beer and Patriot Ale escalates, leading to a full-on fight scene ending in nuclear meltdown and interstellar warfare – naturally.

Elsewhere, Bart introduces Stewie to the joys of the prank call and Brian warns his family not to drink the water because “Everybody around here looks like they have hepatitis.”

The episode will premiere in September, with a UK broadcast due on Sky 1.