Want to see Ricky Gervais as a “rock n roll stoner wizard”?

Gervais shares a picture of himself as Xanax the wizard from set of US musical comedy series Galavant

Last week we reported that Ricky Gervais is to guest star in US musical comedy series Galavant as a potion-peddling wizard, and now the comedy star has shared a picture of exactly what that will look like. 


It’s not completely clear the impact Gervais’s character will have on the others, but by all accounts, he has the best potions in the land as is good at causing alchemy-induced trips down memory lane.

As it’s a musical comedy, we’re hoping Gervais will whip out some of his singing, dancing and guitar-playing talents (we picked out his five best musical moments here if you can’t wait).


The series is set to air next year and Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville is also expected to guest star.