Viewers want Tracey Breaks the News to get a full series

Most people enjoyed Tracey Ullman's new impressions in last night's pilot – though not everybody was keen of course


Viewers delivered a generally favourable reaction to Tracey Ullman’s new pilot show Tracey Breaks the News on BBC1 last night.


It witnessed Tracey’s take on a mixture of famous political figures and everyday people, all reacting to the aftermath of the general election and the anniversary of the Brexit vote.

The one-off programme also introduced us to her take on Theresa May and Melania Trump for the first time.

And many viewers were in no doubt that it should get a full series.

Viewers were also taken with Donald Trump, played by Anthony Atamanuik:

But of course you can’t please all of the people all of the time and there were one or two viewers who were less than enthused.


The decision on whether this will get a full series rests of course with the BBC…