ITV sitcoms Vicious and The Job Lot will return for second series.

Vicious, which stars Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as Freddie and Stuart, an ageing gay couple who’ve been together almost their entire lives, premiered on 29 April this year. It was met with mixed critical reviews, with many accusing the show of being out of date in style and tone. Some even said the programme was offensive to homosexual men. However, ITV has decided to stick with the show, announcing today at the Edinburgh TV Festival that a second series will be made.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival, ITV's director of television Peter Fincham called the show "a big, in-your-face audience laughter sitcom," adding that while "not everybody liked Vicious, many people did and that critical tide turned during the run".

Job Centre series The Job Lot, which premiered the same evening as Vicious as part of a new “comedy hour” on ITV, will also return but will make a move to ITV2, in an attempt to target a younger audience.

Fincham said: "I feel The Job Lot in particular has a strong appeal to a young audience... it is a lovely show with a wonderful cast – brilliant Sarah Hadland and Russell Tovey – with a very sure sense of what it is.

"I’m not sure that it is quite a mainstream sitcom but I think on ITV2 it will join the other sitcom we launched last year which we’re also recomissioning – Plebs – which I absolutely adore."

Ancient Roman sitcom Plebs was confirmed for a second series in June, as revealed by

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