Veep series three trailer: who will survive Selina Meyer’s run for presidency?

The Vice President's staff come under threat as their boss sets her sights on becoming "the most powerful person on earth"

With the pathway to presidency now clear, VP Selina Meyer is making her bid for the top job (an alarming prospect, we’re sure you’ll agree). 


On board to guide her is a campaign manager (played by Diedrich Bader) who promises to “maximise her chances” of becoming the most powerful person on earth. The catch? She has to fire just about every member of her team to land the top job which would make for a seriously slimmed down series three cast.

Lucky Veep fans in the States find out who hangs on and who gets their marching orders when Armando Ianucci’s political comedy returns to HBO on April 6, however UK viewers will have to sit it out a while longer with Sky Atlantic yet to announce a premiere date.