Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season two is as goofy, joyful and colourful as ever

The Netflix Original sitcom is still as strong as hell, says Ellie Walker-Arnott


Put on your sassafras jeans, pour yourself a glass of pinot noir and host a pizza party for one. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back on Netflix this week – and you’re going to wanna #hashbrown binge this.


The Netflix Original sitcom is one of the silliest things on TV. And that’s why we love it. It’s goofy, joyful and seriously colourful. Compared to this week’s Game of Thrones trailer, you practically need sunglasses to watch it…

Not that it’s the season for sunnies. When we meet back up with Kimmy it’s Christmas (though the episode then jumps three months back in time).

Kimmy’s her usual super smiley self. She’s still “dressed like she’s on Scooby damn Doo”; she’s still misunderstanding stuff (it turns out an animal rights march she attended wasn’t to help animals marry each other); and she’s still coming out with tweet-worthy truths, like “You can’t be mad with a cone in your paw.” But she’s a little wiser than she was when she stepped out of Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne’s bunker. And a little world-weary.

Sure, sliders still make her feel like a gleeful giant eating a burger, but episode one of season two sees Kimmy struggling to get over her ex-boyfriend Dong while grappling with the moral issues of being an actual grown up in the big grey area that is the Big Apple.

“Some things are just wrong, like kissing a married person or tracing something and saying you drew it,” says Kimmy. “Am I the only person in this city who doesn’t do whatevs whenevs?”

While the former “Indiana mole-woman” tries to move forward in the right way, her pals Jacqueline (White, formally Vorhees) and Titus Andromedon (formally Ronald Wilkerson) are tangled up in their messy pasts. Jacqueline has taken out her blue contact lenses and is attempting to please the corn god, while Titus is being sued for abandoning his wife at their reception, and absconding in her wedding jacket.

Add to that a dose of Keeping up with the Kardashians, disco lights and Mississippi mulch factories and you’ve got yourself one joyful series opener. It’s not a miracle – it’s what we’ve come to expect – but series two is as strong as hell.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season two is on Netflix from 15th April